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Millionaire Queen’s Club Emotional Healing Declaration Written By Dr. Taketa Williams

I declare that I am free from the bondage of pain. I accept the fact that all the pain that I have experienced is not in vain, all of it has a purpose. I confess that the purpose of my pain was to bring me into greater gain. Today, I release pain and every person that has hurt me. I forgive them for everything that they did to me. I release them out of my soul and the pain they caused out of my heart. I declare that I am not mad or sad because the Lord has made me glad. I declare that I am saturated with the Oil of Gladness.

I will not rehearse negative thoughts or hold on to negative feelings associated with my past. I break the cycle of hurtful feelings, tormenting thoughts, depression, discouragement, anger, offense and any bitterness that has been lodged in my heart and soul. Lord purify me from any poison hiding in me cause by the pain that’s been in me. I declare that new cycles of healthy and wholesome emotions are established in my heart and my life. I declare that I have joy and the joy of the Lord is my strength. I call forth rivers of love, joy, laughter, happiness and peace to flow freely in all areas of my life. I decree and declare that I am healed and made whole. Because I am healed, my money is made whole. I declare that all emotional holes are sealed up in me. I will no longer leak my pain upon others. I am sealed and every hole that was in me is sealed by the Blood of Jesus.

I declare that I prosper and am in good health even as my soul prospers. I command prosperity, abundance, wealth, favour and unlimited finances to be release to me and to flow freely in my life, in my home, in my business and in my bank accounts. I declare that I have been liberated to soar and achieve great realms of success because I am no longer sore. I declare that my wings are heal and I soar to higher heights. I declare that I am no longer hurt and right now I am officially released to go higher. In Jesus Name, Amen


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Hi. I can never sign up for things. I have no money. Thank you for your prayers.


AMEN!!! As ALWAYS, right on point and speaking to the very heart of the matter! Speaking only for myself and about myself, I truly stagger at the amount of hurt and pain I have pushed down, pushed aside, and ignored, etc. to get to where I am today. I learned early on in life, that NOBODY cares about your tears except God. So I keep on moving forward in every way I can; my coping strategy. I let them see that I can do "it" without them because "it" has ALWAYS been about DOING LIFE TOGETHER with JESUS. I do NOT allow anyone to stop my progress even those who live with me and once professed and confessed the faith…


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